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A personalized slideshow for anniversary

A Personalized Gift for Anniversary

The well-known common pictures will get a new look. An anniversary is indeed a special occasion, and it is good to remind ourselves the road the relationship has taken so far.
Our films show you this long trip together, in a creative, personalized – and surprising – way.


Details from a slideshow made for 70th birthday.
We touch up every pictures before use.


Our warmest feedbacks

„Thank you for the video! This morning we watched it: he laughed herself to tears, she liked it so much! we could have watched it forever... Thanks.”

"The film was fantastic! Everyone liked, furthermore, my husband was moved to tears – not a usual reaction of his Thanks again.”

"I have seen the film approximately 10 times. I really like it, I was moved. (The music was a real hit!) I am not a particularly sensitive person but this time I broke out in tears. Thanks for the nice memory and experience! The film will remain with us forever!"


Prices and details

Our prices start at ~200 Euros. This enetering price means a short slideshow.
The exact price depends mostly on the duration.
About 14 photos are needed to make a one-minute film.
As our capacity is limited please contact us to inquire about the amount of time we need to create your personal slideshow. Sending an inquiry do not obligate you to anything. We will be glad to answer Your questions and get back to you with the exact price and all details.

Name E-mail Please tell us about the deadline:

Orban Gergely and Kristof founder of MISO frames
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Personalized slideshow for anniversary
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