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Orban Gergely +36 70 655 86 39 (Budapest)
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MISO frames / Orban Gergely 1111 Budapest, Budafoki ut 14. Hungary

Our story

The personal touch to the slideshows of MISO Frames is guaranteed: we are a family business of two brothers, Gergely and Kristóf Orban. Gergely studied at the University of Fine Arts Hungary and at the Chelsea College of Art and Design London. Kristof Orban has a degree of photography and web-design as well.
Our first image slideshow was projected to about 100 people during a family wedding in 2006. The projection was an astounding success: we were surprised by the number of orders we had afterwards.
Since then, we have made hundreds of slideshows.
So far we have received only positive feedbacks, and that reinforces our ambitions! But we have the best clients of all: only people who really care for each other find us.
Our purpose is to surpass ourselves in creativity and technical skills and to popularize the notion of animated slideshows.


Of course, there is another reason for our success:
"A gift is worth as much as the care with which it was selected."
Thyde Monnier

As our capacity is limited please contact us to inquire about the amount of time we need to create your personal slideshow. Sending an inquiry do not obligate you to anything. We will be glad to answer Your questions and get back to you with the exact price and all details.

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For 40th 50th 60th 70th birthday
Orban Gergely +36 70 655 86 39 (Budapest)
1012 Budapest, Kuny Domokos street 17. Hungary
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